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The GovRates team has helped local governments secure millions of dollars to fund capital needs. We work with clients to determine which financing options offer the best value given the specific criteria of each client. Services that we provide include:

Capital Program Financial Planning

The GovRates team has assisted numerous clients in the development of capital program financing plans that:

  • Prioritize capital reinvestment based on service area benefits as well as consequence / risk of failure considerations.
  • Balance capital funding requirements with affordability considerations.
  • Consider staff time and costs for administration of financing options.
  • Classify capital cost benefits between new and existing customers for appropriate funding.
  • Develop a detailed construction cost cash flow monitoring and evaluation program.


Feasibility Studies

Bond feasibility studies:

  • Provide full disclosure to rating agencies, lenders, and prospective buyers.
  • Demonstrate historical and projected compliance with the flow of funds, additional bonds tests, and rate covenant requirements.
  • Project utility operations over time.

The studies also allow for development of alternative funding analyses for debt structuring.


State Loan and Grant Application Assistance

The GovRates team assists our clients in securing low-cost funding for projects. Capital financing plans are often required as part of the loan application process for state revolving fund (SRF) loans and demonstrate the applicant’s ability to repay a loan.